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Asphalt Services - Construction
Asphalt Services - Construction

 1. Asphalt paving & repairs All phases of asphalt work from new installation to resurface and repairs; this includes our milling and pulverization services as well.
 2. Asphalt milling and pavement replacementFull depth milling and pavement replacement; also surface milling preparatory to asphalt resurfacing. We do it all with modern and efficient equipment capable of rapid job completion.
 3. Asphalt pulverization and reconstructionRecycling asphalt pavements with full depth pulverization of deteriorated asphalt in need of total reconstruction. Regrading and vibratory compaction needed to establish another layer of base material.
 4. Site work and excavationComplete site preparation that includes land balancing, tree removal, sub-grade and base preparation along with all necessary excavation needed for a complete job. Roads, parking areas, curb and gutter. Storm sewer systems etc.
 5. Storm sewers and catch basinsWe install catch basins, manholes and complete storm sewer systems utilizing the latest in equipment and technology.
 6. Drain repairs and replacementWe repair, and if needed, replace deteriorated and damaged catch basins and  manholes.
 4.Asphalt curbingInstalled by skilled labor utilizing mechanical asphalt extrusion equipment. Standard size 6" height plus 8" at base.
 8.Specialty workSub-grade water drain systems & specially designed base installations needed to overcome poor sub-grade
conditions; petro mat and Geo textile materials and many, many other specialty options that take advantage of the
latest advances in pavement technology.