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1. Concrete Installation and repairs - On-site flatwork that includes parking lots, sidewalks, catch basins, dumpster pads as well as approaches and deceleration/acceleration lanes. We also install machine pits, loading docks, ramps etc.. Almost anything related to concrete work.
2. Concrete curb and gutter, straight curbs, etc. Concrete curb & gutter, - We employ slip form curb & gutter equipment and when straight curbs etc.  Our skilled workers do it all.
3. Poured walls and standard /foundations We build and install screen walls, ramp walls, retention walls, building walls, dumpster enclosure walls, foundation walls and footings, also truck dock walls. Architectural finishes are also available. Wall thickness from 6" to 24"
(inches) with heights up to 20 ft. Cost effective and low maintenance.
4. Concrete Joint & Crack Fill Power routing, sandblasting and hot rubberized material installation; also all types of caulking. Helps prevent the single most damaging causes of concrete cracking and base erosion.
5. Concrete patching, repair & restoration Utilizing the latest in concrete restoration and repair and restoration technology, fast setting, durable materials for resurfacing,
and repairing concrete.
6. Leveling and groutingEliminates the need to remove and replace out of level concrete floors. Hydraulic lifting of concrete slabs that establishes new slab support with concrete slurry pumped under pressure below the faulty slabs.
7. Dumpster enclosures, safety posts (Bollards) All types of dumpster enclosures with poured concrete,
safety posts (bollards) brick or block walls as desired by owner. All construction details included. Bollards, approach pad for trucks, etc.