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Also, Testing Services
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Engineering Computer Aided Design Testing Services

1. Civil engineering services Preliminary research and field work. Cost estimates. Detailed design, plans and specifications. Field layout, as built drawings. Surveying.
2. Project Planning and Management The key to a successful project is in the planning. This saves time, money and many unnecessary problems. We define project goals and methods with a realistic schedule. Identification of project risks and needed safe guards.
3. Pre-bid consultation We invite you to call upon us for assistance in helping to develop your project scope and specifications. Advice and recommendations utilizing our over 35 years of construction experience.
4. Computer assisted estimating and field work Using the power of computers, we are able to develop an accurate estimate faster than previous methods. Saves time and money for field work also.
5. City, county & state code compliance verification: also permits & bonding services On behalf of our customers, we handle all permitting and if needed, bonding issues that may be required for final permit approval from the appropriate municipal, county and state agencies.
6. Testing Services Pre-bid evaluation of existing soils and materials supporting your asphalt or concrete pavement. This analysis provides necessary information in order to develop proper specifications for pavement repair and reconstruction or replacement.
7. Budget planning for projected annual maintenance requirements We will assist in providing estimated future costs necessary for annual maintenance requirements annual maintenance needs that will most likely be required for proper pavement maintenance.