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Concrete/Masonry Maintenance Concrete/Masonry Maintenance
Longer, Life, Easy Maintenance and Attractive Appearance for your Concrete Floors
The Problems
Concrete floors are subjected to a wide variety of punishing conditions. The result most often is a poor appearance, excessive wear, hazardous and annoying conditions with difficult  maintenance.

The Solutions
Skilled repair, restoration and improvements utilizing high performance protective coatings, repair materials, overlay systems and surface hardening technologies.
1. Concrete Polishing Diamond grinding process that produces an extremely hard and smooth, dust free, high luster floor that brings out the natural beauty of concrete. Low maintenance, long life cycle and many other important advantages.
2. Epoxy Resin Coatings Highly abrasive resistant, high solids material content designed to withstand just about any normal abuse. Provides an attractive, light reflective, easy to clean, superior wear floor surface.
3. Polyurethane Concrete Coatings Produces a hard deep gloss membrane surface highly resistant to numerous corrosive chemicals. Comes clear or in colors. 
4. Concrete Toppings Eliminate the need to replace worn concrete floors with damaged and/or deteriorated surfaces. These advanced resin based epoxy mortar materials provide a new surface and easily outlast ordinary concrete by many years and are able to withstand severe abuse.
5. Rapid Setting Repair Materials For localized concrete floor replacement as well as annoying open joints, cracks, dips and divots that hinder safe and effective use of concrete floors and aisle ways.
6. Leveling and Grouting A mechanical process that hydraulically lifts your existing concrete to its original position while simultaneously installing a cementitious slurry admixture beneath the slab for permanent subgrade support.
7. Joint & Crack Repair Employing specially formalated epoxy repair materials needed to fill and smooth open cracks, joints damaged spot areas and divots.
8. Concrete Replacement Remove and replace damaged concrete floor slabs; we also install machine pits, loading docks, ramps, outside/inside concrete flatwork, etc. We do it all.